Accountants in IT Conference 2023: Event Summary

Accountants in IT Conference 2023: Event Summary

The Accountants in IT 2023 conference which took place in September was a fantastic event where Technology leaders in the Accountancy space were able to discuss common issues that are affecting their sector with good transparency on the topics. 


AI was the key topic for the event

and the speakers all followed a very similar theme: 

  • That AI will be able to do amazing things 
  • There needs to be frameworks for how to use AI responsibly 
  • That the data that underpins the AI training is going to be key 


AI Benefits

While the benefits are clear there are some big challenges especially for the technology leaders that need to be considered: 

  • AI tooling is becoming readily accessible, rather than block access. How can AI be provided in a way that protects the employee, company and client. 
  • How do we help employees know the best way to use AI and safely 
  • Deeper discussions like AI hallucinations and over reliance on AI 
  • LLMs and ChatGpt have brought a lot of the discussions to the forefront 
  • There was a lot of excitement for what these tools could achieve in the workplace when embedded in workplace tools such as Microsoft Co-Pilot’s, especially as enterprise class tools should bring enterprise class security making them suitable for use 


It was a privilege to be able to present and share with the members some of the key concepts that we are seeing at Arreoblue.  


Inma Martinez

However, the presentation by Inma Martinez was incredible and thought provoking. She shared a lovely analogy when asked a question about whether we can create AI responsibly. Calling out that over the last century and especially the end of the 21st century we have become human centric. Focusing on how to protect the human, with human rights laws and strict guidelines for creating safe products. 


The second day offered the opportunity to socialise with the members in a crystal maze event, our very own Gus Frazer being part of the winning team. 


A fantastic event at a brilliant location with great guests and thought-provoking sessions. We are looking forward to attending again next year. 

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