AI and Data

Data is the key to powering AI

The recent leaps in AI and technologies like generative AI have meant that many enterprises are looking to incorporate this technology into their business. It has the ability to promote divergent thinking and also to enable employees with great ideas to express them easier in written or visual forms by helping them create an output others can understand from their concepts. However, there are hurdles that organisations must overcome to access the technology, such as siloed and inaccessible data. 

AI needs access to data to learn & provide tailored responses, and organisations looking to get a competitive edge with AI need to provide their own data to a secure Artificial Intelligence platform.  

There are other challenges that siloed data brings, such as 

  • Poor & slower decision making 
  • Lack of collaboration 
  • Data inconsistencies 
  • Increased costs through duplication 
  • Data governance, security & compliance risks  

All of these challenges and the ability to harness AI require a strong data vision & strategy with an approach to the people, processes and technology that will underpin that vision. AI will provide a competitive edge, but enterprises can’t bypass having good quality corporate data! 

“Generative AI, my opinion is that it currently levels the playing field, bringing capabilities and productivity to small and large enterprises alike however those enterprises that are able to invest and tailor its output will gain an advantage, but to really benefit the data basics can’t be skipped.”
Stephen Crisp, CEO & Co-Founder, Arreoblue

At Arreoblue we can advise on how enterprises can improve their data maturity as well as provide delivery capabilities to get them there. Get in touch with us today if you would like to understand how we can help you. 

(picture used in this post was generated using DALL-E)