AI Doesn’t Start Clever, But it Learns Fast

Navigating the AI Revolution in the Accountancy Sector: Lesson 2: AI Doesn’t Start Clever, But it Learns Fast

Thanks for joining us for part 3 of this 8 part blog series on AI for Accountancy firms. 


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AI Doesn’t Start Clever, But it Learns Fast


AI Doesn’t Start Clever, But it Learns Fast


What do doors, walls, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have in common? None of them are naturally funny. However, what sets AI apart is its remarkable ability to transform itself into something it wasn’t initially designed to be. It doesn’t begin as a genius; instead, it learns and evolves rapidly.  


In AI, there are various training methods like Assisted Learning and Reinforcement Learning. These methods have one common requirement: data. Data is like the lifeblood of AI, essential for its development. 


However, AI’s true strength lies in its ability to simulate scenarios. Picture this: we create an AI, put it in a controlled virtual environment with basic real-world rules, and then let it learn from countless repetitions.  


Applying this idea to accountancy, AI can simulate various financial scenarios, enabling powerful forecasting and impact analysis. Arreoblue harnesses this capability to provide insights into the consequences of different actions, empowering informed decision-making. AI’s journey from learning to simulation opens up new possibilities in data analytics, transforming how we tackle complex challenges. 


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