It is our duty to use AI responsibly

Navigating the AI Revolution in the Accountancy Sector: Lesson 3: It is our duty to use AI responsibly

Thanks for joining us for part 4 of this 8 part blog series on AI for Accountancy firms. 


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In the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we find ourselves at a crucial juncture where responsibility and trustworthiness are paramount. At Arreoblue, we strongly emphasise ethical AI practices, considering them the cornerstone of our work. Let’s dive into the essential aspects that shape our approach. 


Responsibility and Ethical Frameworks:  

One of the core principles guiding us is Microsoft’s ethical framework, which we’ve actively contributed to. This framework prompts us to ask fundamental questions. Is the use of AI ethically sound? Can we clearly explain how AI is applied? In the vast landscape of AI, ethical evaluation is of utmost importance. Not all AI applications align with ethical standards, and this misalignment can have significant consequences. 


The Pitfalls of Unchecked AI:  

Consider a major e-commerce giant that implemented AI in its CV screening process. Despite efforts to remove gender identifiers, the AI exhibited a bias in favour of CVs written by males. This unintentional bias highlights the significance of transparency and explainability in AI processes. Without these safeguards, biases can creep in unnoticed, compromising fairness and accountability. 


The Trustworthiness Framework:  

In our quest to design AI that can be trusted, we adhere to a framework grounded in ethical principles: 


  1. Reliability & Safety: We ensure that AI operates reliably and safely.
  2. Privacy & Security: Safeguarding individuals’ privacy and data security is a top priority.
  3. Fairness: We work diligently to prevent biases and ensure equitable outcomes.
  4. Inclusiveness: We make sure that AI’s benefits are accessible to all.
  5. Transparency: We maintain transparency in AI systems and processes.
  6. Accountability: We hold responsible parties accountable for AI solutions.


Key Decision-Making Questions: 

When embarking on AI projects, we consider three critical questions: 


  1. System Purpose:

   Will technology enhance human abilities and have a positive impact on society? 


  1. Technology Capability:

   Are both the AI technology and its operators capable of fulfilling the system’s intended tasks? 


  1. Quality & Reliability:

   Can AI technology be effectively designed, operated, and maintained in a responsible manner? 


Sensitive AI Areas: 

In our ethical exploration, we are acutely aware of sensitive AI domains: 


  1. Denial of Consequential Services:

   In cases where AI influences who a business engages with, AI has the potential to deny people access to services or even to over promote to a certain group which intern effectively blocks a service 


  1. Risk of Harm:

   AI systems that make critical life decisions, such as in military or healthcare applications, require extreme caution. 


  1. Risk to Personal Freedom:

   In law enforcement or policing, AI’s potential impact on personal freedom and privacy demands meticulous consideration. 


The Balance of Ethical AI: 

While we recognise the potential for AI optimisation, we remain vigilant about unintended consequences. AI, when optimised without ethical checks, can unintentionally exclude certain groups or compromise service integrity. 


At Arreoblue, our dedication to ethical AI practices and responsible decision-making is at the core of everything we do. We aim to ensure that AI acts as a positive force for change while upholding the highest standards of trustworthiness. 


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