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Reflecting on SQL Bits: Insights from the Field 6 Weeks Later

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Six weeks have passed since I attended SQL Bits 2024 in Farnborough. For those that have not yet had the exposure of SQL Bits, it’s a renowned gathering of Power BI or SQL Server professionals, data enthusiasts, and industry experts. The event spans five days with over 300 sessions and more than 3,000 attendees. 

As I sit down to reflect on the experience, I find myself not only reminiscing about the vibrant atmosphere and wealth of knowledge shared but also considering how those insights have translated into tangible benefits in my day-to-day work. 

Naturally, I thought it may be nice to publish an article on the fantastic experience I had there and what I learned.


Leveraging Copilot for Accelerated Data Utilisation 

One of the highlights of SQL Bits was exploring the potential of Copilot within client projects. Copilot, with its AI-powered code suggestions, has revolutionised how teams harness the power of data. In the weeks following the event, I’ve integrated Copilot into various projects, witnessing firsthand its ability to expedite development cycles and streamline data operations. Whether it’s optimising queries or generating complex code snippets, Copilot has become an indispensable tool in my toolkit. 

Embracing CICD with GIT integrations 


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David Mitchell’s session on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices with Power BI was great to sit in on. The principles and strategies shared during the session were instrumental in shaping how people approach Power BI development. By integrating CI/CD pipelines into the development process, customers can foster greater collaboration, streamline deployment workflows, and ensure the reliability and consistency of Power BI solutions. David shared some great examples of how you can leverage the Git integrations in Power BI as well as deployment pipelines within the Power BI service. Something I know more customers are looking into.  

Preparing for Fabric as a Power BI Admin 

The unveiling of Microsoft Fabric poses new challenges and opportunities for Power BI administrators. I learned about the need for admins to adapt their practices to accommodate the extended capabilities of Fabric while maintaining governance integrity. Since SQL Bits, I’ve been able to leverage these insights as well as my previous knowledge to guide clients through the transition to Fabric, ensuring a smooth migration and empowering admins to capitalise on Fabric’s advanced features for improved data management and oversight. 

Governance and Adoption for Power BI 

Rolling out Power BI within organisations requires a well-defined governance and adoption strategy, especially when dealing with existing user behaviors and solutions. One session underscored the importance of clear guidance, content ownership, user enablement, and support structures in driving successful governance and adoption initiatives. These insights have come in handy when advising clients on how to implement tailored governance frameworks that promote responsible data usage and maximise the value of Power BI investments. 

Power BI Model Preparation for Copilot 

Another key takeaway from SQL Bits was the emphasis on model preparation for Power BI. Delving into sessions focused on this topic helped keep me up to speed with valuable insights into best practices for data modeling, data cleansing, and data shaping in preparation for Copilot particularly. Armed with this knowledge, I’ve been able to enhance the efficacy of Power BI implementations, ensuring that the models are not only robust but also tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. 

Driving Alerts and Actions on Your Data 

It was great to hear from Lars Andersen and James Hutton on alerts and actions with analytics.  

I’m a big believer of analytics without action, or data without decisions… Is just noise.  

To take insights and make an impact… you need to act on what you have learned.  

The session highlighted the role of Data Activator in enabling automated alerts and actions based on real-time data insights. This capability can empower people to respond swiftly to critical data events, enhancing operational efficiency and driving timely decision-making. 

Emphasising Continuous Learning and Growth  

Beyond the specific tools and techniques gleaned from SQL Bits, perhaps the most valuable lesson I’ve taken away is the importance of continuous learning and growth. The field of data management and analytics is ever evolving, with new technologies and methodologies emerging at a rapid pace. By actively seeking out opportunities for professional development, whether through conferences like SQL Bits, online courses, or peer collaboration, I’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve and remain adaptable in the face of change. 

Fabric Power Hour 

Fabric Power Hour

What is SQL Bits without attending the Power BI Power Hour… Aptly now renamed the Fabric Power Hour. This comical session always proves entertaining and yet again I managed to catch some swag that was thrown into the crowd.  

Luckily this time it wasn’t a weighty book 😊  


As I reflect on my experience at SQL Bits six weeks later, I’m struck by the profound impact it has had on my approach to data management and analytics. As a professional in this industry, I’m always looking for ways to improve or even just refresh on topics that I’m familiar with.  

From leveraging cutting-edge tools like Copilot to embracing CI/CD practices with Power BI, the insights gained from the event have translated into tangible improvements in my day-to-day work. Moving forward, I’m committed to continuing this journey of learning and growth, ensuring that I remain at the forefront of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of data analytics. 


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