Time to value

Time to Value: How should a company define value in data projects?

How do you define value in data projects? In scenarios where data is used to drive clear outcomes this is relatively easy to quantify. For example, an algorithm that predicts the optimal route for deliveries can be compared to the control option and its relatively simple to understand the cost benefit.  

Analytics solutions can be harder to quantify, the output is usually to improve decision making. Often across a broad spectrum of the business.  

For example, a dashboard showing sales per store may be used by sales, logistics, marketing, finance and so on. All of whom use the analytics to improve decision making…. Or do they?  

Adoption directly impacts the value, for example if a dashboard improves decision making by 25%, but only 5% of the target audience use it. Then actually the improvement in decision making is closer to ~1.25%. Adoption is key to realising the business case.  

Successful strategies to improve adoption include providing rich, literate, data in models that all of the business can understand. Building confidence in the validity of the data, energising communities, and enabling employees to self-serve. So, what is your data saturation like? 

Are the dashboards for improved decisions available and are employees using them? 

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