Validating our Responsible AI framework

Validating our Responsible AI framework

Anybody who has followed my various presentations or comments / writings will know that I’ve been involved with the ethical and responsible use of data for some time. At Arreoblue I now have an opportunity to turn that interest into a commercial offering for our clients. I’ve been developing our “Responsible AI Framework” for a while now, and as it is reaching maturity (or at least beta version 2.3) it was great last week to test it with some real live people! 


Responsible AI Framework

The Arreoblue framework builds upon my previous experience from leading Data Ethics at the Co-op and has been modernised to take into account the recent regulations or statements from the UK and European governments. I’ve also taken inspiration from Microsoft’s work on Responsible AI and the emerging ISO42001 standards. 


At the AI Data Ethics Roundtable on 16th April 2024, which we co-hosted with Microsoft, we were able to talk through these topics in more detail. 


Some of the takeaways were: 

  • The need for, and lack of progress to date, of data governance was a worry for the group. The glass half full view was that implementing AI was a great catalyst for improving data governance, others worried that it would still be neglected; 
  • We agreed that my implementation tip on starting with an exec led set of Responsible AI Principles was a great starting place. Defining a set of top-level principles and then agreeing how to demonstrate that you were sticking to them would certainly focus the exec team; 
  • I am adding in “Sustainability” into our AI Ethics framework. We know that Gen AI is high in cost in both planetary and financial terms. Some of the attendees thought that when people are thinking about implementation Gen AI, they should ask the question “is our current solution good enough without the added cost of Gen AI”. 


It was great to be given the thumbs up for our work on Responsible AI. It means that I can continue to develop this and Arreoblue can roll it out as an offering to our clients.  


If you would like to discuss how you can implement Responsible AI in your company, then please get in touch. 


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