AI works best with Humans

Navigating the AI Revolution in the Accountancy Sector: Lesson 4: AI works best with Humans

Betty Crocker cake mix


Thanks for joining us for part 5 of this 8 part blog series on AI for Accountancy firms. 


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In today’s world, the partnership between humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping the future, and it’s not just about ethics; it’s about achieving outstanding productivity and high-quality results. 


In the 1950s, when General Mills introduced the Betty Crocker cake mix, the instructions were quite simple: just add water to the cake mixture and bake. However, to their surprise, the product didn’t perform well in the market, and General Mills was left baffled. It wasn’t until later that they realised the underlying issue. 


The problem was that people were rejecting the cake mix because they felt it was too easy, almost like cheating. This reaction stemmed from a fascinating aspect of human psychology. In essence, the cake didn’t taste as good to them because they hadn’t put in the effort of cooking it from scratch. The act of preparing and baking the cake was a part of the experience, and without it, the reward of enjoying the cake was diminished. 


The solution was simple yet astoundingly successful. General Mills simply added the instructions to ‘add an egg’. This small change was enough to change the consumer’s perception and sales started to lift. 


Today, we see similar dynamics with AI. While AI has enormous potential, there are situations where having humans involved is incredibly valuable. For example, think about AI-based sales calls. Despite all the fancy technology, surveys show that customers still prefer talking to humans when they have good news to share. This shows how important the human touch can be. 


Moreover, humans have a wide range of thinking that AI, with its narrow focus, can’t replicate. While connecting AI together can boost productivity, humans are great at handling unexpected situations and adapting to them. 


On the ethical side of things, there are times when human intervention is essential, especially when decisions could affect someone’s access to something important. Humans can carefully examine information, spot unusual things, and make thoughtful decisions considering ethical implications. 


In fields like medicine, AI works alongside human experts. AI provides useful information to help doctors make decisions, but the human qualities of empathy and critical thinking are irreplaceable. 


A recent study by Boston Consulting Group backs up the idea of humans and AI working together. When consultants used chat GPT alongside their jobs, their productivity increased by 25%. However if they relied only on AI without human input, productivity decreased by 12%. 


In essence, the future of AI is not about replacing humans. It’s about combining the strengths of AI and human intelligence to achieve remarkable results. 


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