Friend or Foe AI

Navigating the AI Revolution in the Accountancy Sector: LESSON 5.5: Friend or Foe

Thanks for joining us for part 7 of this 8 part blog series on AI for Accountancy firms. 


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The burning question on everyone’s mind is whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) is our ally or adversary. Although the answer is not straightforward, we can confidently say that even if you’re not currently using AI, it’s vital to prepare for the future. Here are some essential considerations: 


Scalability with Cloud Technology:

Can your operations expand using cloud technology? Is your infrastructure ready to handle AI services and seamlessly integrate them with your data? Being prepared in this regard is crucial because AI is here to stay, and its capabilities are continuously growing. Ignoring it could put your competitors at an advantage. 


Internal AI Testing:

Are you ready to run internal AI tests to learn and prepare for future AI projects? AI is rapidly evolving, and staying ahead requires a proactive approach to experimentation and learning. 


Although you might think we are biased, as a Data & AI company, embracing AI-driven change benefits all of us. AI will transform our businesses, too. One remarkable feature of AI is its ability to create dashboards quickly. 


So, what’s the AI game plan?

At Arreoblue, our expertise lies in helping companies harness the full potential of their data. We’re proud partners with Microsoft, and rather than viewing them as competition, we see Microsoft as an addition of value to the ecosystem. 


While creating dashboards is one aspect, our real value comes from working closely with businesses. We strive to understand their unique needs and structure their data in a way that makes sense. We have a team of top-notch consultants ready for agile projects. 


Timing our adoption of AI can give us a competitive edge. By allowing AI to take care of repetitive tasks, we can shift our focus to higher-value, customer-centric work, which can significantly boost profitability. 


Throughout history, technology has consistently opened up new markets. For example, advancements in farming technology increased productivity, freeing up labour for other industries and bolstering the overall economy. Similarly, AI has the potential to make data-driven approaches more accessible and profitable. 


In the realm of professional services like accountancy and consulting, embracing AI can lead to improved profitability and a competitive edge. It’s all about evolving with the times, and AI is a pivotal part of that evolution.  


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